Great development of our youngsters

On the way to further success!

Great developoment as a personality and player!

Rakha Valensky, 17, 1. CfR Pforzheim Under 19, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, midfield, full back

Benjamin Hausmann, 15, TSG Hoffenheim Under 16, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, right/left, center midfield

Luca Terzidis, 15, SV Sandhausen, Under 16, Verbandsliga Baden, left, left back, left midfield

Paul Specht, 16, SSV Reutlingen Under 17, Verbandsliga Baden Württemberg, National Team Athletics

Konrad Riehle, 16, TSG Balingen Under 17, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, striker, center midfield, 6 goals

Dervis Erkan, 16, SGV Freiberg Under 17, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, midfield, right/left back

Andres Gottlieb, 16, 1. CfR Pforzheim Under 17, Verbandsliga, midfield, striker, 3 goals, Bolivian National recritment

Pranav Kale, 16, 1. CfR Pforzheim Under 17, Verbandsliga Baden, midfield, left back

Anrit Bhatt, 16, SV Königsbach Under 16, Kreisliga Pforzheim, striker, 3 goals

Jaron Yoshimura, 16, 1. CfR Pforzheim Under 17, Verbandsliga Baden, Goalkeeper

Vladimir Kim, 15, 1. CfR Pforzheim, Under 17, Verbandsliga Baden, striker, 7 goals

Leon Kupferer, 14, 1. CfR Pforzheim, Under 15, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, right foot, center striker, 6 goals

Darrell Ang, 14, 1. CfR Pforzheim, Under 15, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, left foot, left/right/cener midfield

Elia Hirsch, 14, 1. CfR Pforzheim, Under 15, Oberliga Baden Württemberg, right foot, center back, right back



Hausmann impressive!

Great Development of Benni Hausmann (2003) with TSG Hoffenheim Under 13 - VfB Stuttgart Under 13.

Schweizer scores!

Roman Schweizer moved in January 2016 from VfB Stuttgart to FC Ingolstadt and score the equalizer 1:1 against his former Club Karlsruher SC In the Under 19 Youth Bundesliga!

Great development!

9 goals now - great development - Berkay Demir! Trial with CfR Pforzheim!


New player from Papa New Guinea

Shane Micah (Jg 1996, Singapur) moves to Germany and participating in a 2-year training program.
Micah is a speedfull player. He is able to play on the wing or as a striker.

Maurice Krüger (14) signs with pro club SV Sandhausen

Maurice Krüger (FC Nöttingen, Stützpunkt Königsbach, Teilzeitinternt KANTENWEIN, Jg 2000) signs with SV Sandhausen for the season 2014/2015. Since 4 years Krüger participates in an intensive training program with the part time boarding school KANTENWEIN. Krüger is able to play every position in midfield and as a center back.

Maurice Krüger (14, SV Sandhausen) new captain

Maurice Krüger (14, SV Sandhausen, part time boarding school KANTENWEIN) was nominated as the new captain of the team. After his move from FC Nöttingen this shows his great performance and personality. Also VfB Stuttgart were interested in signing Krüger.

Sebastian Rudy (24, TSG Hoffenheim) with the National team

Sebatian Rudy (5 years with the Football Academy KANTENWEIN) was nominated for the German National team squad. He played his second game for the National squad against Scotland.
Rudy and his 4 sisters were practicing in the afternoon clinics in Böblingen/Stuttgart.
Florian Rudy (1989) played third dividion professional football.
Fabienne Rudy (1998) played for VfL Sindelfingen.
Max Rudy (2006) is the youngest one of the family and also very promising. He is practicing in the afternoon clinics with the KANTENWEIN football Academy.


Benjamin Hausmann (11) signs with DFB Stützpunkt

Benjamin Hausmann (11, SKV Rutesheim) has been qualified for the German satelite training program.
Since 5 years Benjamin is signed with the KANTENWEIN football Academy and is developing some great skills.

Guest from Singapur

Erwin Canuela (2000, Singapur) will be coming for a try-out and wants to stay for at least 18 months.

Pascal Schlee (16) performs

Pascal Schlee (16, FC Nöttingen) plays a very good season in Verbandsliga Nordbaden.
Ranked second in the goal scorer list shows him improvement over the last weeks. The quick striker is developing more and more.

Jeanot Soja (16) signs with SV Sandhausen Under 19

Jeanot Soja (SV Sandhausen, KANTENWEIN, Jg 1998) signs with SV Sandhausen Under 19.
Soja used to practise with the KANTENWEIN ACADEMY for 8 years in different training programs. The very talented allrounder shows 100% attitude and discipline.

Guest from India

Lakshya Sharma (Jg 2001, Mumbai) is showing up for a 4-week training program. Very interesting and promising player from Western United Mumbai.

DFB U19 national player on the way to the European Cup Under 19

Good fun, hard work and intensiv preparation of Thilo Kehrer, 1996 German National team player Under 19 in Koenigsbach-Stein. German National team Under 19 is preparing for the European Cup in Bulgaria. Physiotherapist, intensiv technic program and endurance was on the schedule. Good luck!

Thilo Kehrer (DFB U19) in preparation

6-days preparation from 06/25 - 07/02/2015 for the European Cup Under 19 in Greece with a player form the German National team. Preparation in Fitness and specific position play.

Inter Milan wants to sign Thilo Kehrer (18, FC Schalke 04)

Thilo Kehrer (18, Königsbach-Stein, Stützpunkt) got an offer from Inter Milan, Serie A. Milan offered him a 5-year contract starting in the season 2015/2016. In May a decision will be made as he got an offer from Schalke 04 also.


Mathias Bader (18, Karlsruher SC) signs for 4 years

Mathias Bader (18, Königsbach-Stein, now Karlsruher SC U19) signs a 4-year contract with the pro team of Karlsruher SC. Bader used to practice with the Academy for about 5 years between age of 8-12.


Benjamin Hausmann (12) in trial at TSG Hoffenheim

Benjamin Hausmann (12, SKV Rutesheim) is in trail with Bundesligist Academy team TSG Hoffenheim.
Since 6 years Hausmann practices intensively 2x per week with the Boarding school KANTENWEIN. Perfect technic and impressive speed with and without the ball are his strengths.

Thilo Kehrer (FC Schalke 04) with the pro team

Thilo Kehrer (17, ehem. Teilzeitinternat) new captain of Under U19 FC Schalke 04 for the season 2014/2015 in Youth Bundesliga.
Last week first game with the professional team and a goal per header!