Fulltime program – School and being part of a big family


  • Fulltime boarding school – boys and girls – minimum age 12
  • Pick-up service from airport, accomodation, food, transportation
  • High school – Middle school – Online school possible
  • German language center program 3 hours per day – learning with fun
  • All players are supervised in the boarding school
  • Computer and internet acces
  • Professional learning environment
  • Yearly plan for every player
  • 7 days a week

Indivdual training program includes a time management plan with individual schedule

  • Academy training, Club training, Gym training and travel
  • 2-3 sessions per day
  • Analyzing of testing to develop individual programs
  • Matches, training, accomodation, food and transport
  • 4-8 week training cycles with testing and evaluation of the program

Come and join our fulltime Professional Football Academy

  • Intensive programs that refine and advance your individual, positional and team play
  • GERMANY – the heart of European Soccer
  • Elite training – 50 weeks a year
  • Professional Instruction
  • Speed training, footspeed
  • Quickness and agility
  • Endurance and testing
  • Passing, shooting, finishing
  • Free kicks
  • First touch play
  • 1v1, 1v2, attacking and Combination play
  • European tactics – defense and attack
  • Trials with GERMAN club teams
  • Self-confidence and leadership
  • Extended stay possible – Get scouted!

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